Dreams Dramas Diamonds

Dreams Dramas Diamonds

Travelogue version

spel/conceptChristina Flick, Kimmy Ligtvoet, Ilyas Odman
muziekAta Guner
vertellersThomas Dudkiewicz, Nihal Koldaş, Hana Mörel
productieProductiehuis Rotterdam
fotoKimmy Ligtvoet

"Dear Wanda_21, Last night I was walking down a road in a city. I had been there before, in a dream. I recognized a house, a red dusty typewriter behind a window, graffiti on the wall: 'Here I was supposed to end'."
- Foxglove, 27 September 2015

Copycats invites you to take a walk through their collective memory on a cold night. In Dreams Dramas Diamonds/travelogue version, the audience walks through the city while listening to the travelogue of two characters through their headphones. The travelogue is based on emails between the members of Copycats, send to each other from 12 April 2015 to 12 August 2016. During night-time they discuss their new performance, inspired by their dreams. The need for characters rises as the conversation evolves. Fiction enters the digital writing space.

The world surrounding them is burning down slowly; like a slowpocalypse. Still they keep on dreaming about their upcoming work. "Dreaming together" gradually turns into personal and political engagement. Their journey becomes a dream itself, about the nature of remembering, showing the inability to recall the context and nuances of memory. As a result, the perception of personal and global histories are affected.

While the listener is moving through the city at night, the memory of another kind of journey becomes part of the adventure and intermingles with her/his own images. During the walk - we hope - you will witness your city falling into its dreams, make its breakfast with the giants....

The traveller should bring their own mp3 player, Ipod or smartphone (including headphones) to download and listen to the travelogue. If this is not possible: there are also mp3 players available at the theatre.

Listen to the preview on SoundCloud.

★★★★ 'Het contrast tussen de drukte van veel mensen op straat en het persoonlijke verhaal werkt op een prettige manier ontregelend'..'de soundtrack van het dwalen'  Theaterkrant